The Learn List

If there is one thing that I love in life it is learning. I’ve never been satisfied to watch someone perform a skill without trying to replicate it myself. Here are some of the skills that, as of 2017, are important to me.

Learn how to code in HTML 5
Current level is pre-intermediate through daily usage. I’m taking The Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele in Udemy to increase my knowledge.

Learn how to code in JavaScript
Current level beginner, I understand some JavaScript but not enough to really code. The Udemy course above has a section on this.

Learn how to code in CSS
I have no experience in CSS as of yet, but hope to have a good grounding when finishing Colt Steele’s course.

Learn how to become a back-end web developer
This is something I expect to learn in the Colt Steele course as well.

Get to a B1 level in Japanese
It has been a lifelong dream to speak fluent Japanese. I have no plans to travel there at the moment, nor any conversatiom partners for Japanese, so B1 (pre-intermediate) should be a good goal to get to. Once I have achieved this I can set my sight on a higher level.

Get to a C1 level in Mandarin Chinese
My first foreign language, I’m sad to say that after ten years of studying, I am still only a high B1. Time to knuckle down and level up!

Get to a C1 level in Spanish
My second strongest language, it should take less time to reach C1 in Spanish that in Chinese thanks to the ease of picking up vocabularly in this language. I am not so great at the grammar just yet however.

Become a strong competitor at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at blue belt
As a rookie blue belt, I want to become a good blue belt by December 31st 2017.

Hold a handstand for 30 seconds
I want to develop full body strength and master the handstand.

Do a pull up
Pull ups have consistently been out of my reach ever since I took up fitness. However, I am determined to make 2017 the year I finally get up there.

Do 50 consecutive push ups
To become a strong BJJ player you need to have a strong body. 50 perfect push ups is my first step towards that.

Become financially independent
To learn how to use money sensibly and effectively. I’m reading a lot of books on the subject from investing to how to be more frugal.

Memorise the Hyakunin Ishuu (a collection of 100 Japanese poems, that can be played in a card game called karuta

After watching Chihaya Furu I’ve been interested in memorising the chanted poems. Hopefully as I understand more Japanese this will get eaier.

Run a blog
Create a place for people like me who love to learn and better themselves.